Rhinelander Ice Association

2024 Knights Hockey


Northern Wisconsin Knights Spring Hockey

March 25 through May 10

What are the Northern Wisconsin Knights? 

We are a coed Spring/summer hockey program with a primary goal of keeping kids on the ice for an extended season, while promoting the development of skill building and skater progression.  In collaboration with a group of skilled coaches, we aim to elevate the experience of skill progression for youth hockey players in the Northern Wisconsin and surrounding areas.  Think of the Wisconsin Northern Knights as a higher-level camp experience with possible opportunities to scrimmage or play games at an appropriate tier level this year.  This program is not designed to compete with nearby AAA hockey clubs. Our mission is to provide high level coaching, intensive skill development opportunities, and to focus on age appropriate skill development.  We want your skater to grow in skill development and confidence!


How is the program structured? 

All players registered for the Northern Wisconsin Knights will be able to participate this year, so this means there is no pressure of a tryout.  Each team will have a dedicated development coach who will be the head of development for their age group this season.  The practices will be during the week, after school hours, and will be from 1-2 hours in length- usually no more than 2 days per week.  As mentioned previously, the practices are intended to be intensive and focus on critical age appropriate skill building and development of our skaters. This will include high intensity practices, intensive skating, progressive skill stations, and age/level appropriate body contact education.

What levels of play are there going to be? 

Our target birth years are from 2010-2017.  We are promoting development and skill building. This means when you register your player, please register them for the level they will be playing in the 2024-25 season.  The intensive, skills-based coaching your skater will receive will help them build a strong foundation for the following year. 


Are there going to be any games? 


There is the possibility to play games once other organizations around us get their spring/summer schedules figured out. Any scrimmages/games being played will be tiered as competitively as possible for the skill level of the players on our teams. This means that players will be given competitive growth opportunities and be able to utilize their skills in a competitive atmosphere. There currently are no scheduled games/scrimmages.  We will attempt to schedule a few scrimmages/games.  




Please direct registration questions to:


Brett Aylesworth